2016 Summer Interns – Taking to the Lab and the Field

PVE, LLC employed 2 summer interns; Emma Dickson and Ryan Caste to support the Civil and Structural Engineering group in Summer, 2016.

Emma Dickson worked primarily with the Structures Group to aid in architectural and structural engineering tasks and Ryan Caste assisted the Civil Land Development Department with their daily tasks involving the building of new communities. Emma and Ryan both assisted with the municipal consulting aspects of PVE, LLC, specifically, the federally mandated MS4 – Municipal Storm Water Review Program which inspects and tests municipal water for illicit discharges that pollute and contaminate communities. Summer internships at PVE aim to expose students to the daily regiments of engineering offices while also guiding them to specialize in a specific aspect of their multi-disciplinary studies.

“PVE, LLC was a fantastic opportunity for me to widely explore structural engineering. I was given in-depth projects that allowed me to use my knowledge from my civil engineering classes at Penn State University. I also learned new skills that will help me in my endeavors during my senior year at school and, later, in my career. The Structures Group took the time to answer all of my questions and give me the guidance I needed, while still trusting in my abilities to work on projects on my own. I loved that I was not treated as a student or intern, but as a valued employee. This summer has been a great experience for me and I cannot thank PVE enough for the opportunity.”
-Emma Dickson

“Interning at PVE, LLC during the summer of 2016 was a great introduction for me into the world of Civil Engineering. It provided me with new and challenging experiences that I will certainly carry with me through the rest of my college career. The skills I began to develop here combined with what I am learning at Villanova University will help to prepare me for a career as an Engineer. It was a privilege to work at PVE this summer and I am very thankful for the opportunity they gave me and for all that they have taught me.”
-Ryan Caste

Interested in Internship opportunities at PVE, LLC?  Visit our Careers page to review and apply for any of our open positions.  PVE, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Lab Testing

Field Sampling