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“The only thing that is constant is change”
— Heraclitus of Ephesus, Ancient Greek Philosopher

No other statement may be better suited to summarize our ever-changing construction industry. With every code adoption cycle, building and energy codes are updated as a response to our improved knowledge and understanding of the Building Sciences, or how buildings respond to their environment. The codes of today are not the same as they were 25, 10, or even 5 years ago, and neither are the available building materials or manufactured products. Therefore, how we design, detail, and construct our buildings, especially the Building Envelope, also needs to change.

What is a Building Envelope?

The Building Envelope is the shield that surrounds and protects the entire building by controlling the flow of energy between the inside and outside environments. Whether the energy takes on the form of thermal convection, radiation, air leakage, molecular vapor diffusion, or bulk water, the Building Envelope must be designed and constructed properly to ensure that it responds accordingly. With the changes to the codes and the advances of building products, the responses are not always as anticipated. And whether it is the roof’s insulation, a window’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, the walls air barrier, or the foundation’s vapor retarder; we need to be confident that these items will perform as intended as a cohesive assembly while satisfying the stringent energy and fire code requirements.

Keeping up with these changes and advancements in the codes and manufactured products have become increasingly more challenging for architects, engineers, and contractors. With every new code adoption or with the announcement of each self-described “Continuous Insulation” product, it is becoming more difficult to confidently design or build a satisfactory Building Envelope. At PVE, we recognize your frustration and we are ready to help. PVE employs multiple engineers and building specialists who understand how buildings interact with their environment, and more importantly, how they are built. We can provide design assistance to architects to properly design and detail the building envelope according to the latest codes and industry practices, without undue increases to the project’s budget or schedule. We can also assist with inspections, testing review, and coordination between the multiple contractors and product manufactures to provide quality assurance for a proper installation. Furthermore, we can provide third party engineering assistance and testing review for manufacturers seeking product approval in some of the more challenging jurisdictions, such as Florida and California.

Get ready to change, because PVE is ready to assist you in providing a sustainable Building Envelope that adds value to your project!

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