Highland Road Valley Streambank Restoration Project

Town of McCandless, Pennsylvania

Project Type

MS4 Pollution Reduction Streambank Restoration Plan


Town of McCandless




Approximately 1,100 feet of stream


Complete 2019


PVE provided professional municipal services in the restoration of the Highland Valley stream embankment which had been experiencing increased erosion of its natural landscape due to the combination of normal flow with multiple increased runoff events. The project scope included a detailed site analysis, removal of debris, and the installation of control features designed to minimize the damage caused by natural processes. These features included permanent, Pyramat linings, R-7 Rip-Rap, and coir logs. Multiple post site visits - including 2 post-storm visits - were conducted in order to determine the success of the augmented landscape and to determine if any follow-up work was necessary to alleviate the problem.

PVE professional services included:

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design

  • Construction Management including Daily Site Inspections

  • Construction Plan, Specifications, and Bidding Document Preparation