Hudson River Psychiatric Center

Hudson River Psychiatric Center

Poughkeepsie, NY


EnviroFinance Group, LLC & Diversified Realty Advisers

40+ Acres

Brownfield Cleanup



PVE, LLC was retained by the purchaser of the former Hudson River Psychiatric Center to apply for
acceptance in the NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program and satisfy all program requirements. There are
currently 53 structures on the property, all vacant, and one of which is listed on the National Register of
Historic Places. The developer is proposing the redevelopment of the site with construction of a town center
style development to include 200 residential units, retail, commercial spaces and walking/biking trails.

PVE, LLC negotiated the Work Plan with NYSDEC representatives and ultimately completed three phases
of Remedial Investigations including:

• Excavation of 20 test pits for the purpose of delineating areas of historical fill
• Drilling of over 75 soil borings
• Installation and sampling of 15 groundwater monitoring wells
• A comprehensive vapor intrusion evaluation

Interim Remedial Measures
Significant quantities of petroleum contaminated soil and free product were identified in the vicinity of the
former fuel storage tanks at the Power House. Remediation was complicated by a 12” municipal water supply
line located directly over the contaminated area. PVE, LLC negotiated a work plan with NYSDEC and
the Town and County Health Department which included the temporary relocation of the water main and
subsequent excavation of the petroleum and contaminated soil. Services included:

• Preparation of an IRM work plan
• Design for temporary relocation of the 12” water line
• Excavation management and disposal of 750 yards of contaminated soil and free product
• Construction Completion Report

Remedial Action Plan
Approximately 50,000 square feet of surface soil in the BCP area requires remediation. PVE. LLC prepared
a grading plan to cover the contaminated areas which achieved preliminary approval from NYSDEC and
satisfied the requirements to obtain a Certificate of Completion.
On-going Services
• On-going management of previously closed Landfill Area #6. This area may be redeveloped for purposes
of constructing a parking lot for future retail.
• Assisting the developer with solicitation and review of asbestos abatement contractors.
• Negotiating expansion of the BCP Area to include the complete footprint of Main Building which is listed on the historical registry