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Although parking garage inspection requirements vary from state-to-state, most states do have specific mandates in place to assure the safety of the structures. PVE has extensive experience assisting clients with all aspects of the building inspection process, helping to assure that owners remain in compliance with their state’s specific safety requirements. We are available to help with the entire process from the initial assessment, assisting with making arrangements for needed repairs and making sure that all required reports are filed according to your state’s official guidelines.

For those in New York State, a new mandate requires that an assessment of conditions be performed by a state-licensed professional engineer at least every three years. Similar to the process involved with New York City’s Façade Inspection & Safety Program, the state has some of the most stringent requirements in place. For that reason, we will outline the specifics below.

What Is Required in New York State?

New York state has recently adopted legislation requiring owners of all parking garages within the state to submit regularly scheduled Condition Assessments. The legislation, enacted by the Department of the State on August 29, 2018, mandates that the owner provide Condition Assessment Reports every three years in order to obtain or maintain an Operating Permit, which is now required for all parking garages.

Who do These Regulations apply to?

  • Structures which are wholly or partially used for parking or storage of motor vehicles.

  • State-owned or operated garages within New York City.


  • Cases where vehicles are parked on non-structural components.

  • Residential one or two-family dwelling with exclusive attached or accessory parking.

  • Residential town home with attached exclusive parking.

  • New York City privately or municipally-owned garages are not currently subject to this legislation; however, they may enact a similar program in the near term.

Who will enforce these requirements?

  • The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will administer and enforce the program, accepting submission of the Condition Assessment Reports and issue Operating Permits.

  • The AHJ may be the local, county or state agency.

  • Local authorities may defer enforcement to the county and counties may defer enforcement to the state.

When Are Condition Assessments required?

Date of Original Construction:
Initial Condition Assessment Completed By:
Prior to 1/1/1984
1/1/1984 – 12/31/2002
1/1/2003 – 8/28/2018
After 8/29/2018 (new construction)
Prior to Certificate of Occupancy & Operation Permit


  • Must be performed by a qualified professional engineer.

  • Must be licensed in the State of New York.

  • Must have at least three years of experience performing structural evaluations.


  • Review of all prior Condition Assessment Reports, as applicable.

  • Creation of structural base maps from owner provided as-built drawings or structural survey.

  • On-site inspection and assessment of structural components.

  • Draft Condition Assessment Reports to document compliance or deficiencies.

  • Submission of required Condition Assessment Report to AHJ.

  • AHJ enforces requirements and recommendations included within the Condition Assessment Report.

Condition Assessment report Contents:

  • Overall general physical condition of structure.

  • Unsafe conditions.

  • Extent and cause of deterioration.

  • Conditions that should be remedied immediately to prevent an unsafe condition/structure.

  • Recommendations for available corrective actions.

  • Risks associated with failure to address.

  • Recommendations regarding preventative maintenance.

  • Time frame for future assessments.

  • Note: AHJs have the power to mandate more stringent requirements within the limits of their jurisdiction as they see fit

Unsafe Conditions May include:

  • Exposed rebar.

  • Excessive deflection .

  • Loose and falling spalled concrete.

  • Severe section loss or corrosion of steel.

  • Cracking.

  • Significant unwanted water infiltration.

  • Other noted concerns including those not visible to the naked eye.

We Can Help!

PVE has extensive experience assisting clients with all aspects of the parking garage inspection process, helping to assure that owners remain in compliance with their state’s specific safety requirements. Our services include the examination itself, along with all required follow-up work, including preparing contracts for the repairs, assisting in bidding and negotiation with qualified contractors, and performing construction phase services.

To arrange for an examination, or if you have any questions regarding the process, contact our office at 646-602-4999 or email

Additional Information:

Language pertaining to New York’s Parking Garage Inspection Regulations can be referenced in Title 19, Parts 1202, 1203 & 1204 of the New York Codes: Please reference 1202.4 (c), 1203.2 (b), 1203.3 (g), 1203.3 (j), and 1204.12 (e) for specifics.