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Roofing & Waterproofing

Our team of engineers at PVE, LLC are experienced in the evaluation and restoration of existing roofing/waterproofing systems as well as the design and construction administration of replacement systems. Because damage to your roof is not always visible to the naked eye, our team will perform a thorough examination of critical areas to help pinpoint and address any problem areas. We will work with you to come up with a customized solution based on your building’s unique set of circumstances including:

  • Building code regulations

  • Insurance requirements

  • Roof deck composition

  • Climate/wind/weather exposure

  • Frequency and type of foot traffic

  • Intended use of roof surface and internal space below

  • Mechanical equipment and exhaust units

  • Size and slope of roof surface

  • Desired life expectancy

  • Owner’s budget

Leak Investigations

The key to successful leak investigations begins with a thorough investigation. As with general roof repairs, there are often multiple contributing factors than can compound the severity of the problem. By using the guidelines found in the ASTM E2128 Standard Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls in conjunction with our empirical knowledge of prescribed engineering methodologies, we are able to locate the source of water filtration issues and come up with practical solutions that eliminate the problem.

Our investigation includes both hands-on, visual inspections in addition to more traditional probes and water tests including:

  • Infrared imaging to identify thermal anomalies that could result in moisture compromised insulation.

  • Identifying the relative moisture content of the material using scanners and moisture meters.

  • Incorporating the use of electronic leak detection (electric field vector mapping) to identify the precise location of the leak.

We Can Help!

PVE has extensive experience assisting clients with all aspects of the building inspection process. Our services consist of the examination itself, along with all required follow-up work, including preparing contracts for the repairs, assisting in bidding and negotiation with qualified contractors, and performing construction phase services.

To arrange for an examination, or to discuss a specific area of concern, please contact our office at 646-602-4999 or email