Services / Reality Capture

The PVE team utilizes Reality Capture technology to obtain more accurate and detailed information than what can be achieved using a standard, hand-held camera. Additionally, utilizing UAVs or LASER scanning can dramatically reduce the risks involved with gathering data in unsafe environments including damaged structures or areas with rough terrain.

What design information is missing from your project?

PVE’s reality capture services can help make RFIs and their associated costs a thing of the past.

How many times have you received survey data or made your own existing condition sketches to discover something that was missed? Using our streamlined approach to data-gathering PVE can create a virtual record of site conditions that enables you to perform a virtual “site visit” any time you need from the comfort of your desk. You will be able to extract dimensions and coordinate data from the data yourself, or you can take advantage of our 3D modeling expertise.

PVE wants to partner with you to enable you to make the best use of our immersive 3D data. We put the power in your hands. Working as your partner, PVE will gather the 3D data, then one of our highly-trained technicians will come to your office location to give you the necessary training to implement the point cloud data in Revit, InfraWorks, or Civil 3D. Alternatively, we can also supply you with ready-to-go Virtual Reality hardware and software to view and inspect data.

PVE Reality Capture Services use the best integration of Laser Scanning, Hand Scanners and UAV data to perform:

  • Existing Conditions Documentation

  • As-Built Deliverables

  • High-Accuracy Monitoring

  • Quantity/Volumetric Analysis

  • Topographic Mapping

  • Structural Documentation

  • Clearance Inspection

  • Design-Critical Stormwater Structure Analysis

PVE Reality Capture Services can help you better understand your project, from one foot to one micron!