Reynoldsville Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant

Borough of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania


Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade


Reynoldsville Sewage Authority






PVE designed and permitted the Reynoldsville Sewage Authority’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade. The design included retrofitting an existing grit chamber with a new screen and grinder unit, hydraulic improvements to the existing Rotating Biological Contactors, erection of a dewatering facility and maintenance garage and associated appurtenances, installation of a polymer feed system, replacement of a sludge transfer pump, and final clarifier improvements. PVE prepared the Water Quality Management Part II permit for the proposed upgrades, in addition to preparing an ACT 537 Plan update to address the community’s sewage needs. PVE also assisted the Authority with a successful grant application to the Commonwealth Financing Authority, which resulted in a grant award of $1,000,000.  During construction, members of the PVE team assisted the Authority with general project services including:

  • Preparation of Design Drawings and Specifications for WWTP Upgrade

  • Hydraulic Conveyance Improvements

  • Regulatory Permitting and ACT 537 Plan Update

  • Commonwealth Financing Authority Grant Preparation & Administration

  • Public Bid Assistance

  • Construction General Project Services